Kridha Adventure

Kridha Adventure Village makes a special space.

Kridha Adventure Village

Kridha Adventure Village

When we talk about the best weekend destination in Delhi NCR region, Kridha Adventure Village makes a special space in visitor’s priority list. With pleasant surroundings, you have super exciting opportunity to break up from the regular city life congestion and live the best getaway experiences with your friends/family.

This destination offers you village style adventures away from your daily routine and busy life. The Kridha Adventure Village, Hapur presents you terrific adventures and rehabilitations to you. Also, the traditional style food attracts from a huge number of tourists. The ethnic Indian taste is just a treat to your taste buds along with that this hygienic meal is an added advantage as it is away from the impurities made from the best pure ingredients. This destination is an ideal location for the family trips, as it has several adventure and refreshing activities which presents relevant tasks/activities for all age groups. The Camel Ride, Bullock Cart Ride and Tractor Ride allow you to experience the adventurous traditional lifestyle of ethnic India. Hookah and Chai on Tapri makes you to experience the traditional Indian style beverages in a different style. The Bajra Khichdi with pure Desi Ghee allows you to feel the taste of purity that comes from the hands of elegant ethnic Indian people. Under the sunlight, you will enjoy so many fun and gaming activities that are compatible for all age groups.

This beautiful destination is situated in the lush green land which gives the visitors a close interaction with the nature. The adventure resort brings you a unique range of Adventure Sports, activities and entertainment. One can forget the daily life stress and enjoy the awesome stress free moments and live the enthusiastic moments for life. As per the customer reviews, this destination is an ideal choice for all the age groups and enthusiastic travelers. When looking for best getaway destination in the Delhi NCR region, you have the Kridha Adventure Village which allows you to enjoy the best fun, and rehabilitation activities with the feel of ethnic India.

So, get ready, make your group and pack your bags to go for the best weekend fun.


1000 + Tax per person (Aged above 12 yrs)
Rate 500 + Tax per kid (Aged above 06 yrs up to 12 yrs)
Offered cost for groups (above 20 person) - 800 + 18% Tax per adult & kids aged above 12 yrs
400 + 18 % Tax per kid (Aged above 05 yrs up to 12 yrs)

Outdoor Activities-

  • Pottery making
  • Football
  • Volley ball
  • Badminton
  • Soft ball cricket
  • Tug of war
  • Gilli danda
  • Gulel
  • Lattu
  • Kanche
  • Hula hoop
  • Bird watching

Adventure Activities -

  • Unstable bridge
  • Cargo & tyre net
  • Zip line
  • Rope wall climbing
  • Gun Shooting
  • Darting
  • Archery

Indoor Activities-

  • Table tennis
  • Carom
  • Chess
  • Lido
  • Playing cards
  • Crossword
  • Tambola

Village Activities-

  • Bullock cart ride
  • Tractor ride
  • Village walk


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